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The Moorings Raiatea Base
BP 165 
98735 Uturoa
French Polynesia

Raiatea, the Sacred Island, is the cradle of ancient Polynesian culture. The Moorings marina is located at Marina Apooiti, five kilometers from Uturoa, the capital of the island, and five minutes from the airport. It is located in the center of the Leeward Islands, which form the northwest group of French Polynesia.

Opening hours
The base is open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week all year round.

The facilities of the base 
Your comfort in Marina Apooiti is ensured by numerous facilities and services located nearby, among which there are: bars / restaurants, hotel, shop and shops, supermarket, public telephone, post office, diving center, sanitary showers , water, meeting room, Internet, weather information.

Base Plan 

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Arrival departure

How to get there 
By plane to Papeete-Tahiti; direct correspondence for Raiatea. From Raïatea airport to Moorings base: the journey takes around 10 minutes by taxi and 30 minutes by boat. 

Airlines at your service
Many regular airlines such as Air Tahti Nui or Air France. Specialist in these areas, Moorings with its agency Mariner Travel offers à la carte transport to allow you to reach your boat in the best conditions of price, comfort and speed. Contact your Moorings agent to reserve your tickets.

Transfers from the airport 
The transfer from and to the airport is not included in the price of your cruise. You can arrange your transfer yourself, or for your convenience, you can add the taxi transfer to your The Moorings reservation and pay the driver on site upon arrival. We invite you to contact your The Moorings specialist who will be happy to organize the transfer for you. The price of the return transfer is 6 € per person. Allow around 5 minutes for the journey. On arrival, your driver will wait for you with a sign with your name on it.

Arrival / departure procedure 
You can choose, depending on your arrival time on the island, to embark at 10:00 am or at the end of the afternoon at 4:00 pm, every day of the week.
The various registration formalities, technical briefings and on the navigation area (compulsory for the skippers) are organized on the base at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Disembarkation takes place at 10:00 am. The boat must be put away to allow rapid technical inspection and return inventory. 

Procedure in case of late arrival
The reception of the crews is assured until 5:00 p.m. After this time, information will be left to the security personnel. You will find a “Welcome aboard” sign on the back of your sailboat. The personnel of the base will be available the next day from 7:30 am for the handover.

Taxis are plentiful at the airport. The race costs around 1,500 Fcp (12 €) for a 10/15 minute race.

Car rental 
The main rental companies have a representative in Raiatea. Your Moorings agent can take care of this reservation as well as a possible extension of stay on land. 

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General informations

Area  : 4,167 km² (118 islands and atolls) 
: 287,032 inhabitants 
: Papeete 
Official languages 
: French, Polynesian (official), Asian languages 
Ethnic groups 
: Polynesians, Chinese, local French, metropolitan French 
: Protestant, Roman Catholic, other. 
: N / A - French overseas territory 
: food industry, wood and paper derivatives, textiles, machinery, transport equipment, banks and insurance, tourism, mining 
: generally 10-15% , if it was not included. 
: the Pacific franc is the common currency in French Polynesia. 
: 220 volts alternating current 60 Hz. In French Polynesia or Tahiti, for devices using other voltages you will need a voltage variator. The standard voltage in boats is generally 12 volts. You will need a power inverter to be able to use 110v or 22v electronic devices 
Time zone 
: UTC / GMT - 10 hours.    

Holidays and bank holidays 
January 1: New Year
March 5: Commemoration of the arrival of the missionaries
May 1: Labor
Day May 8: Victory Day
July 14: Taking of the Bastille
August 15: Assumption of the Virgin Mary
September 8: Anniversary of internal autonomy
November 1: All Saints
November 11: Armistice
Day December 25: Christmas

L'Hibiscus de Tahaa - Hotel, Restaurant, Yacht Club, & Spa (privileged partner of Moorings granting preferential conditions to Moorings customers)
Relais & Châteaux - Private island of Taha'a (privileged partner of Moorings granting preferential conditions to Moorings customers)
Motel Sunset Beach

La Croix du Sud
La voile D'Or
Club House

Certain areas may be subject to restrictions. To know the regulations in force on drones in this destination, we invite you to consult the following site:

Internet connection Internet
access available at the base (briefing room). There are two internet cafes near the marina. Huahini and Bora Bora also have internet cafes available. You can also find Wi-Fi zones on each island.

Mobile phones 
To use your mobile phone in Tahiti; you have several options:

You can ask your telephone operator for an extension allowing your telephone to operate in French Polynesia.

Wi-Fi coverage is good in all the main villages. If you have a smart phone, you can use Skype to call abroad.

You can buy a SIM card that works outside the VINI network. You can buy a VINI SIM card in one of the VINI stores (in Papeete) or at the airport post office when you arrive.

The Moorings can provide a free cell phone which can be used for international calling. We sell prepaid phone cards and the cost is around 1.5 dollars per minute. With these phones, you can accept incoming calls at no cost.

Tourist information 
centers TAT ​​tourist information centers in Thailand
Address: 1600 New Phetburi Road, Makkasan, Rajatevee, Bangkok 10310. 
Tel: +66 2250 5500 - Fax: +66 2250 5511 (2 automatic lines) 
Email address:  center @
Open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm / Closed weekends & holidays.

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Banks & Currency Exchange

Currencies / change of currencies: 
The currency used in French Polynesia is the Pacific franc or CFP.  

5 km from the base, in the main town of Uturoa, you will find several banks, each with an ATM. 
Hours: 7:30 am - 11:30 am and 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Cards Visa and MasterCard are also accepted in most large restaurants and supermarkets. American dollars are accepted everywhere in the Leeward Islands.

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Activities & Sports

The waters around Raiatea and Tahaa are full of fish. You can fish black trevallies, mahi-mahis, marlins, sailfish and tuna. On the base, you can rent fishing equipment for the day. No fishing license is required for recreational fishing but necessary if you sell fish.

Snorkelling and
scuba diving Snorkeling equipment (mask, fins and snorkel) is available free of charge to crews on the base.
You can rent scuba diving equipment from some clubs on the islands of Raïatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora and Huahine. You can also contact the base to organize diving appointments, baptisms or courses for beginners.

Water sports 
You can add the reservation of kayaks to your rental contract.

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Navigation information

Information about the
Apooiti marina  , where the Moorings base is located, is on the north coast of Raïatea. Berths and outside moorings are free for Moorings boats. You can refuel at the Moorings marina, as well as on the islands of Bora Bora (Bloody Mary) and Huahine (main port). Moorings sailboats are equipped with 12V refrigerators. You can get ice cubes or ice packs at the Moorings base store. 
Marina Uturoa: One nautical mile northeast of the Apooiti marina is the Tearearahi pass, between the south beacon of the BGC and the north cardinal of the reef extending north of the airport.

authorization No navigation authorization is required in Tahiti.

The Electricity Information
Electric current 220 volts AC with European plugs. The Moorings pontoon is equipped with 220V terminals. The docks are equipped with 220 electric terminals and our boats with a battery charger and an extension cord. All boats are fitted with a 12 volt circuit as standard, with a cigarette lighter socket near the chart table. If your boat is not equipped with a generator, you will need a converter (12V / 220V) to recharge your computer, camera, etc., to be removed from the base subject to availability.

Restrictions on the navigation area
The navigation zones will be specified at the time of the briefing on the zone. Skippers wishing to use the passes to the islands of Raïatea, Bora Bora, Huahine and Tahaa, must sign a waiver. It is forbidden to take the pass south of Raïatea (Passe Nao Nao).

Mooring and mooring rights
All moorings on buoys belong either to restaurants or to rental companies and are generally made available to customers, asking the owner for permission to moor there. In most moorings you will be at anchor.

Navigation information  

View or download our Tahiti Cruise Guide (in English)

A list of recommended moorings is provided at the time of the briefing. In all European waters, the international system is a system (buoys are used to mark the entrance to passes and ports as well as certain large bays. - To port when entering: red cylinder. - To starboard when entering: green cone)

Visites intéressantes 
Veuillez consulter la page Itinéraires pour en savoir davantage sur les endroits à visiter pendant votre voyage. Lors de votre passage à Tahiti, prenez le temps de visiter les attractions culturelles suivantes. Fermes perlières Marae de Taputapuatea Le mont Temehani, le seul endroit où vous pourrez apercevoir des « Tiare Apetahi », une fleur très rare. Le mont Tapioi, qui offre la plus belle vue des Îles-Sous-le-Vent. Remontez la rivière Faaroa, berceau des migrations polynésiennes, en canot ou en kayak (disponibles à la base).

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Avitaillement (Alimentation & Boissons pour votre bateau)

Avitaillement The Moorings
Dans le but de faciliter votre embarquement, de vous laisser profiter au maximum de votre croisière et parce qu’il participe au succès et au plaisir de votre séjour, Moorings vous propose plusieurs formules d'avitaillement (nourriture et boissons).A vous de choisir celle qui convient le mieux  à votre équipage et à votre programme. Dans tous les  cas, le ou les forfaits commandés se trouveront à bord le jour de votre arrivée. Découvrez l'avitaillement Moorings.


Le supermarché le plus proche se trouve dans le village d’Utuora. Il se trouve à environ 4Km de la base. Tous les produits disponibles sur l’ile viennent en grande partie d’Utuora, vous y trouverez donc tout ce dont vous aurez besoin, de la viande aux fruits et légumes.
Le supermarché est ouvert 6/7 jours de 7h30 à 18h en semaine et de 6h à 11h30 le dimanche. Il préférable de s’y rendre en taxi. Une fois vos provisions terminées, le supermarché se chargera de vous livrer vos commissions à votre bateau.

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Santé & Sécurité

Assurance de voyage
Moorings propose un contrat d’assurance de voyage très complet, construit sur la base du contrat de location, il a été spécialement étudié pour couvrir les différents risques que votre équipage peut rencontrer avant et pendant la croisière. Si vous avez votre propre assurance voyage, assurez-vous qu'elle couvre toutes les destinations et activités proposées au cours de  votre croisière Moorings.

Vaccination et immunisation
Il n'existe pas de risque particulier de transmission de maladies contagieuses en Tahiti. A ce jour aucune vaccination obligatoire. 
Les équipages souhaitant plus d'informations sur les vaccinations peuvent aller sur rubrique Conseil aux voyageurs.

Medical Information 
French Polynesia enjoys a high level of health, with excellent medical and dental services, pharmacies, private clinics and a large public hospital in Tahiti, open 24 hours a day. The outer islands have hospitals or dispensaries and some private practitioners.

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